The Scooter Co
Our Story

The Scooter Co was born out of the love and need for a greener future.

The Scooter Co was dreamt up by entrepreneur James Stanley. Bringing knowledge of phone tech to the table and encompassing a more sustainable green future. Influenced by a move to eco-friendly Liverpool, James decided to create an e-commerce business solely selling personal electric vehicles. Seeing a gap in the market, The Scooter Co started with Electric Scooters and Hoverboards before introducing Electric Bikes, and later Electric Unicycles.

Seeing the electric scooter trials across the UK, The Scooter Co saw that eventually, privately owned electric scooters will soon be legal to ride on public roads. And with an announcement in 2022 by the Government saying that soon private electric scooters laws will change to allow them on the roads. The Scooter Co wanted a piece of the green and sustainable action.

Moving headquarters to London, The Scooter Co sees a future of affordable personal electric transport for everyone.

Keep it clean, keep it green

The Scooter Co Team

Woman on AOVO PRO Electric Scooter