E-Scooters. Why you need to buy your own and stop renting one

E-Scooters. Why you need to buy your own and stop renting one

Now that many people are focused on convenient and affordable living, e-scooters are making a dent in practical transportation options. Nowadays, there are a bunch of ride-sharing schemes available, allowing you to rent e-scooters and hit the streets with much ease. However, with the rise of the availability of e-scooters, you may start to wonder if it's better to keep renting than to buy one of your own.

When it comes to buying an e-scooter, the benefits definitely outweigh the disadvantages. If you need a bit more convincing before you purchase your own portable electric scooter, you've come to the right place. 

We've compiled a list of reasons you should stop renting an e-scooter and buy a personal one instead. From practicality to performance, safety to style, we're tackling all the gains when it comes to having your own e-scooter. Let's take a look!

Reason #1:You Don't Need an App to Search for Available E-Scooters in the Area

Although you can find e-scooter for hire everywhere, there's no denying that you need your trusty device to find one close by. Unfortunately, you may end up with a bit of an inconvenience when you find out that there isn't an available e-scooter for you.

With that being said, when you have your own e-scooter, you can focus on your time and schedule, eliminating time spent searching for e-scooter rentals on maps and apps. 

Reason #2: Use It Anytime, Anywhere

Diving deeper into the previous reason, with your own portable e-scooter, you won't have to worry about finding an e-scooter that is closest to you. All you need to do is grab your e-scooter and start zooming into the streets to get to your destination. 

With that, you're saving more time and money, and you can eliminate the task of having to search through multiple streets for a reliable e-scooter for hire. 

Reason #3: You Don't Have to Deal with GeoLocks

E-scooter rentals are geo-locked via GPS, preventing you from leaving certain areas or boundaries. With this feature, your e-scooter will immediately shut off when it crosses a line, limiting you to areas you can go to with your e-scooter rental. 

With your own e-scooter, you aren't restricted to a certain bubble, and you can safely ride to different locations without needing to worry about crossing a geo-zone. 

Reason #4: Cleaner and Safer

Sure, e-scooter rentals go through extensive cleaning and disinfecting, but it's still not entirely safe as it's constantly exposed to other contaminants. Especially now that we're dealing with the COVID-19, hygiene and cleanliness is the top priority.

With that being said, it's better to have peace of mind and own your own e-scooter. This way, you're not exposing yourself to harmful bacteria and viruses, and you can practice your own disinfecting routine to boost your safety. 

Reason #5: Buying Your Own Is More Cost-Efficient

On the surface, it may seem like renting your own e-scooter can be a more affordable solution. Sure, you can stay within your budget, but when you collate all your rental expenses, you'll see that it'll add up to huge amounts. For this reason, it's best to invest in your e-scooter because buying one will cost much less in the long run. 

Fortunately, you can buy high-quality e-scooters that will help you ride the streets for years and save you loads on rentals. Consider checking out Electric Future because they have a range of fantastic adult e-scooters that will help you get from point A to point B with style and function. 

The Bottom Line: Quit Renting and Buy Your Own E-Scooter

Renting an e-scooter is easy, but everything is much more convenient and practical when you have your own. When you have your own e-scooter, you have more hold of your time, money, and the places you can go to. So buy your own e-scooter and start zooming into the streets on your own terms!

Why Choose Electric Future?

If you're looking to upgrade the way you move around your city, consider buying an e-scooter at The Scooter Co. We offer the Electric Scooters and kid electric scooters in the UK. Not to mention, we also offer free delivery in the UK for our scooters, hoverboards, spinning bikes, and more. 

Book your test drive with us in Brighton and drive home with a new e-scooter today!

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