When will Green and Clean Electric Scooters become legal in the UK?

When will Green and Clean Electric Scooters become legal in the UK?

As the green revolution is just around the corner, every one of us is trying to do our bit. Transportation is moving swiftly into the electric department. With the rise of Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers, we are ever creating cleaner and cheaper ways to get from A to B.

Electric scooters are popping up across the world, with scooter-hire schemes, much like bikes, operating in 100s of cities across the world. Including the UK.

What is an Electric Scooter? 

It is a two-wheeled scooter that you stand on, powered by small electric motors. Like a bike, but with less pedalling and looser clothing. There is nothing, I mean nothing flying down the track, with the wind in your hair.

They can be quite fast as well, like the Nanrobot LS7+ Electric Scooter. Able to reach 88 Km/h! So you have to take extra care on the when you're riding.

In cities like London and Liverpool, they are trialling scooter-sharing schemes, where you can hire them using a smartphone and app.
Students, mums, young adults, everyone are buying into the hire scheme making them an alternative to bicycles or the car.

Road Riding Rules

  • You can only ride Electric Scooters on Private Land with permission from the landowner

  • With City Trials, you can only ride on the roads

  • You must have a provisional or full driving license in using one of the rental schemes

  • You don't need insurance currently with the city hire-schemes

Currently, if you own an electric scooter, or if you're ready to buy one, you can only ride it on private land. Because all of us have large amounts of private land to whizz around on our scooters right?

In the cities where they are trialling them, you have to have a provisional or full driving licence, and not ride them on the pavement. Which makes perfect sense. And you don't need insurance, yet.

However, you can't ride your private scooter on the road at this current moment. The good news is that the Transport committee is using the trials to determine the safety of the E-Scooters, wanting them to be part of the new cleaner and greener movement in the UK.

And who doesn't want to do our bit for the environment while navigating the urban landscape?

What we can do for the Future of E-Scooters?

The Transport Committee is forever finding new ways to make transport better for the environment, with congestion-free streets, and getting people out into the open air.

Future thoughts are they want to treat them like bicycles and e-bikes, using cycle lanes and roads to get around.
So if you do ride an electric scooter, here are the best things to do, to help make them legal in the UK.

  • Stick to the roads, like a bike. Leave the pavement for people, unless parking up.
  • Don't ride them erratically. Just don't, it's dangerous. Stop it.
  • Be aware of other road users. Don't get all high and mighty cos you're it's a low carbon footprint.
  • Ride to your conditions. If it's raining, slow down. If there is traffic, slow down. Honestly, it's not rocket science!
  • Wear a helmet. Just like a bike, a helmet can save your life.
  • Have fun, but ride sensibly.

E-Scooter Future

So, when will Electric Scooters become legal in the UK?

Like any new mode of transport, they're going to have to jump through legal hoops before they become fully legal. They have to be trialled, hence why we're seeing them all over the UK in our favourite cities. This is a good thing.
With the rise of e-bikes and electric cars, it's more of a matter of when, not if, when these fun modes of transport become legal. Watch this space.

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