The Best Kids Electric Scooters for Your Children

The Best Kids Electric Scooters for Your Children

We've picked the 4 best kids electric scooters that you’ll love and want to take home with you.

As the world turns, we're all trying to do our bit to be more green and a lot more eco-friendly. One way we can do this is to swap our car to a more green form of transport.

With the influx of electric scooters, choosing the right one can be super tricky. And when it comes to choosing a Kid’s Electric Scooter, it can be a minefield. This guide shows you a selection of the best ones on the market.

What is an Electric Scooter?

Well, that's easy. An electric scooter is a motorized scooter that has a battery and motor to drive it along. They have different speeds, some going up to 30 Km, modern disc brakes, bright lights for nighttime riding, and can be connected to your smartphone for more features.

They're becoming incredibly popular with some UK Cities trialling them in to hire by the mile. Basically, they're everywhere and they aren't going away. Except for the hire scheme e-scooters, they can't be legally ridden on the public highway. But as the world turns its back on the combustion engine and looks at more affordable forms of low-carbon footprint transport scooters are here to stay.

Choosing the Right Kids Electric Scooter

So, you're ready to teach your loved one how to ride an e-scooter. So, what do you need to look for in a Kids Electric Scooter? We give a rundown of the main points to consider when purchasing an electric scooter for your small one as well as looking at four kids electric scooters that we love.

Protect Your Childs Head

Firstly, even though these electric scooters are relatively slow, falling off one is still going to hurt a bit. Getting them a basic helmet and set of elbow and knee pads can stop those tears and bruises as they learn to navigate their new kid’s electric scooter.

Can It Stop?

Brakes. Make sure you pick one that has a set of decent brakes. Even the slow kid’s electric scooters are nippy. Test them yourself before they get on and show them how to stop the e-scooter safely.

A Solid Construction

Don't go for a flimsy frame, go for something with plenty of strength and feels firm. You don't want it falling apart at the first sign of a bump. Check the firmness of the frame before you buy to make sure it isn't going to fall apart as your child rides into the sunset.

Not Too Fast

Scooters are fun, and some of them can be extra. Having a quick Electric Scooter is great for nipping down the paths. 

But for kids, let's slow it down a little right. You definitely don't want to be chasing your child down the road as they open the throttle and disappear to start a new life. Teach them how to take things slow, till they learn how to fully control their e-scooter.

So, let's take a look at four of the best kids electric scooters available on the market today.

RCB Childs Folding Adjustable Electric Scooter

The RCB Childs Folding Adjustable Electric Scooter is perfect for those beginner riders. Featuring a 150-Watt motor it can propel along at a decent 20 Km/h, which is plenty of speed for your child to control without it being overpowered. It can carry up to 80 Kg, which means if you need to borrow it...

It has a maximum range of 16 Km which is plenty for a daily adventure, and the charge time is 4 to 5 hours. It can climb 10° which means hills are a piece of cake.

A pair of solid 5.5" treaded tyres and an adjustable handlebar set is perfect for your growing child. A pair of brakes at the front and rear makes sure this kid’s electric scooter stops safely. 

It has reflective surfaces and strips but no lights. Grab some lights if you think they'll be out on it during the dark. At the end of the day, it folds down neatly and only weighs 7.5 Kg. Perfect for storing.

Perfect as an entry-level kid’s electric scooter

Key Features:

  • Battery: 25.2v - 5.0AH 
  • Range: 16 Km (10 miles)
  • Charging Time: 4 to 5 hours
  • Max speed: 20 Km/h (13 mph)
  • Motor: 150W
  • Max Load: 80 Kg

Kugoo Kirin Mini 2 Kids Electric Scooter

Unique looking, the Kugoo Kirin Mini 2 Kids Electric Scooter is easily recognisable as it features an 8" Front tyre and a 6.5" rear tyre. Landing in a cool looking white finish, it has a 150-watt motor that can pull the Kugoo Kirin Mini 2 up to a competent 15 Km/h.

The charge time is 4 to 5 hours and has a decent 10-15 Km range which allows plenty of adventuring time for your child.

The 8" front tyre grips snuggly to the road while the 6.5" rear balances this e-scooter perfectly. A rear foot brake at the back and a modern electric brake at the front bring this scooter to a fairly quick stop. A rubber deck keeps you attached to the scooter firmly.

It folds down into a compact unit and only weighs 8.9 Kg which means carrying it about is easy.

Good for balancing speed with distance, one for the child that wants to play all day on their scooter.

Key Features:

  • Battery: 21.6V  4Ah 
  • Range: 10-15 Km
  • Charging Time: 4 to 5 hours
  • Max speed: 15 Km/h
  • Motor: 150W
  • Max Load: 65 Kg

Kugoo Kirin Mini S2 Kids Electric Scooter

This stylish looking Kids Electric Scooter will certainly turn heads. The Kugoo Kirin Mini S2 Kids Electric Scooter has a bit more power so your child can get this up to a max speed of 25 Km/h. With a modern-looking white fun finish. It's the type of scooter that will stand out from the crowd and turn heads.

A short charging time of 2 to 4 hours. It arrives with a range of 15 Km, which means your small one can have a daily expedition without having to constantly charge the scooter up.

With a smaller pair of 5.5" solid wear-proof tyres, this kids electric scooter nips easily in and out the way of obstacles. Plus the front wheel has a shock absorber to make that rider even smoother. 

A pair of brakes situated at the back and front makes stopping safe and quick. The deck has anti-slip material on it so balancing is easy and sturdier.

Good for Teens with that faster top speed and quick charge time.

Key Features:

  • Battery: 21.6V  6Ah 
  • Range: 15 Km
  • Charging Time: 2 to 4 hours
  • Max speed: 25 Km/h
  • Motor: 150W
  • Max Load: 100 Kg

Fundot Kids Electric Scooter in Green and Black

Loaded with modern features, the Fundot Kids Electric Scooter in Green and Black is the bridge between a kids electric scooter and adults. Modern and stylish looking this Fundot Scooter will accelerate up to 25 Km/h. Three modes of speed allow full control when the track is obstacle heavy. It also has a rather impressive range of 20 km.

Larger 8" anti-skid solid tyres keep the electric scooter firmly fixed to the ground. It features a bright LED display so that your speed and charge time is available at a glance.

Advanced brakes sufficiently stop the scooter and feature front and rear lights. Ideal if your teen wants to ride safely in the dark.

Ideal for teens and nighttime use. Can be ridden by an adult thanks to its large weight capacity.

Key Features:

  • Battery: 21.6V  6Ah 
  • Range: 20 Km
  • Charging Time: 4 to 5 hours
  • Max speed: 25 Km/h
  • Motor: 150W
  • Max Load: 100 Kg

So, Which One Was The Best?

Well, all of these kids electric scooters are fantastic. Each one of them works best for different individuals. The Fundot and Kugoo Kirin Mini S2 are perfect for the teenager in your life, whereas the Kugoo Kirin Mini 2 and RCB Kids Electric Scooter works for the younger ones.

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