Private Electric Scooters to be made legal on UK Road

Private Electric Scooters to be made legal on UK Roads

With an announcement from the government that privately owned electric scooters are to be allowed to ride on public roads with new rules coming in the upcoming year.

With 750,000 already being used right across the UK already being used, it makes perfect sense to legalise e-scooters across the UK. Of course, the legalisation of Electric Scooters in the UK will come with a set of further rules and regulations which allows safe riding for both e-scooter riders and pedestrians. The Government has announced plans in the Queen's Speech on May 10th, that new rules to expand the use of electric scooters is a priority in the coming year.

Where can I buy an Electric Scooter?

Here at The Scooter Co, we offer the best e-scooter buying experience. From the idea to the end product. We'll take you through each stage, making sure you get the best electric scooter for your daily needs. Whether you want an electric scooter for your daily commute or just a weekend adventure, we'll make sure you choose the best one for your budget and needs.

We stock AOVO PRO, Ducati, Kugoo, Nanrobot, Lamborghini, Inmotion, Xiaomi and a whole lot more. From entry-level scooters like the AOVO PRO 365GO E-scooter to the off-road-ready Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter which can easily reach speeds of 88+ Kph!

We're AOVO PRO experts, which are perfect as the first electric scooter. Arriving with a range of models from the no-frills AOVO PRO ES Mini Electric Scooter to the most popular model, the AOVO PRO M365 ES80 Electric Scooter.

What is an Electric Scooter?

Simply put, an electric scooter or e-scooter is a single person electric transport that has a battery and motor installed. The battery can be charged and powers the motor. Which in turn, puts power into the wheels and pulls you along. Perfect for a daily adventure!

The price and design of the e-scooter depend on what features it arrives it comes loaded with. The AOVO PRO ES Mini Electric Scooter has a modest 250-watt motor that pulls it up to 25 Kph, whereas the Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter has a pair of 2400 watt motors. These twin motors push the LS7 right up to 88+ Kph. 

Battery size is another key factor. A bigger battery gives you a longer range. Most e-scooter batteries give a range of about 20 Km to 35 Km. Which is perfect for an English sunny daily adventure. The InMotion L9 Electric Scooter features a much larger battery which allows a massive range of 95 Km! This allows you to travel endlessly around the roads and cities of the UK without having to recharge. The downside of bigger batteries is a longer charge time. For example, the InMotion L9 has a charge time of 7.2 hours! However, those clever experts at Inmotion have got around this by fitting a duo of charging ports on the L9 Scooter. This reduces the charge time to under 4 hours. As long as you have two power sockets of course!

Most Electric Scooters are standing only. However, e-scooters such as the IENYRID M4 PRO Electric Scooter arrive with a seat fitted. The Nanrobot range allows you to purchase a seat that can be fitted after. Having a seat makes riding way more comfortable!

All electric scooters have brakes fitted as standard. Some have a simple rear foot-controlled manual brake. You press down with your foot. And the mudguard puts pressure on the rear tyre, till it comes to a stop. Whereas others have state-of-the-art hydraulic braking systems that apply pressure to the tyres to bring you to a controlled, quick, and safe stop. 

For riding at night, electric scooters usually land with at least a front light and rear reflector. Most have a rear light also, and some even have side reflectors. We'd also recommend anything that illuminates you up on the UK city streets so that other road users and pedestrians can see you. Reflective clothing such as a gilet or jacket will keep you safe on your nighttime excursions.

Other features include a bell or horn, to allow other pedestrians to know you're there and a footplate with a non-slip surface. Allowing you to grip the e-scooter when riding along.

Scooters either have solid or pneumatic tyres. These tyres will keep you glued to the road.

A lot of the scooter brands, like Ducati for example, have downloadable apps. These open up more features on your electric scooters such as ride distance, speed unlocking, and other data.

The Electric Scooter Future

With the new laws coming in, we'll see more and more privately owned e-scooters appearing on the UK's roads. They're a fantastic way to get from A to B without pumping any bad gases into our atmosphere. Eco-friendly and green, people will ditch their cars and grab a scooter to get them safely across the city. It will reduce innercity congestion and pollution that plagues the larger cities. Perfect for everyone!

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