Nanrobot. Are they the Fastest Electric Scooters You'll Love?

Nanrobot. Are they the Fastest Electric Scooters You'll Love?

Nanrobot Electric Scooters. Ever heard of them? Maybe but probably not. We've discovered them at The Scooter Co and I think we've fallen a little bit in love.

These high-end electric scooters arrive fully loaded with a ton of top-spec and modern appointments. Not only that, but they're also really cool looking. The company Nanrobot have really thought about what makes a super-fun, super-fast electric scooter that everyone is going to buzz about.

They have 8 models in the range and we're going to look at three of the most popular Nanrobot e-scooters that we think are the coolest and the ones you'll definitely fall in love with.
They also have variations on some of the models which opens up a whole load of cool choices and decisions on your part. Not only that, they're incredibly quick. Like really quick.

So let us take a dive and look at three of the most popular Nanrobot electric scooters. The fastest adult electric scooter you'll love.

Who is Nanrobot?

A tech company working out of Fuzhou, China, had the vision to produce high quality, practical, and reliable electric scooters. Their ethos is to produce amazing products and offer amazing customer support. This was their mission from day 1.

Putting their energy into creating superior customer service, Nanrobot has really got this right. Superior electric scooters with amazing tech, fully reliable and safe.

Nanrobot Lightning Electric Scooter

Introducing the Nanrobot Lightning Electric Scooter. The cheapest of the three we're looking at. It looks incredibly cool with its stylish looks. Lightweight and durable, The Lightning is the slickest and lighter of all three. One thing that all these Nanrobot e-scooters have in common is they all have twin motors. Putting energy into both wheels. This gives them all superior power and stability to the scooters.

With a 48 Km/h (30 Mph) top speed thanks to twin 800-watt motors, the Nanrobot Lightning is certainly no slowcoach. It's actually the slowest of the three but we'll come to that later. A 30 - 40 Km range on a single charge is perfect for a day’s riding. A pair of disc brakes bring the Lightning to a stop quickly. The wheels are 8" with a chunky width plus front and back suspension. This combination allows the Nanrobot Lightning to be ridden easily off-road.

The charge time is a little long at 8+ hours, however, all Nanrobot e-scooters have twin charging ports. For an extra £40* you can buy an extra Lightning charger and reduce your charge time to 4 hours. For nighttime riders, the Lightning comes fitted with bright LED lights and a bright waterproof LCD display.

With most electric scooters, the Nanrobot can be folded down easily. Ideal for storage.

For those of you that love a more comfortable ride, you can get it with a removable seat. This seat is made from high-density foam that makes longer journeys comfortable without reducing fatigue. If you don't buy it with a seat they are available as a separate option should you want one later on.

Key Features:

  • 48 Km/h Speed (30 Mph) Max Speed
  • Up to a 30 - 40 Km Range (20 - 25 Miles)
  • Twin 800 Watt Brushless Motors
  • 8+ Hours Charging Time (4+ Hours with two chargers)
  • Duo Disc Brakes Front and Back
  • 8" Wide Wheel Solid Tyres
  • 140 Kg Max Load Capacity
  • Digital LCD Weatherproof Display
  • Foldable for Storage

*Prices as of Feb 2022

Nanrobot D6+ Electric Scooter

The Nanrobot D6+ electric scooter is a step up from the Lightning. It looks very similar but has a whole host of upgraded features compared to the Lightning. It still features stylish looks and nods towards off-road use in the way it's designed. Again landing with twin motors and a pair of charging ports, like the Lightning and the LS7+.

There are several options with the Nanrobot D6+ electric scooter. You can get a Nanrobot D6+ with Disc Brakes or for an extra £100 you can get an upgraded Nanrobot D6+ with hydraulic brakes. The latter is more robust with greater stopping power.

The twin 1000-watt motors allow the D6+ e-scooter to rise to a decent top speed of 65 Km/h and the battery allows a top range between 50 to 60 Km. Which will give a weekends worth of riding. Like the Lightning and the LS7+, it has twin chargers. With the purchase of an extra D6+ charger, you can reduce the charge time from 10 to 5 hours. Which gives a big difference.

Double suspension matched with a pair of fat 10" pneumatic off-Road tyres gives an incredibly smooth flat surface ride and a comfortable off-road ride and grip. Double disc brakes or double hydraulic brakes deliver ultimate stopping power. The hydraulic brakes give the edge over the disc brakes.

Bright LED Lighting with a clear LCD display allow you to take the Nanrobot D6+ through the night. And the whole Nanrobot can be folded down easily for storage.

Both brake versions can come with a removable seat. Made from high-density foam it makes longer journeys more comfortable. The D6+ seat can be purchased later on if you get sick of standing up.

Key Features:

  • 65 Km/h Speed (40 Mph) Max Speed
  • Up to a 50 - 60 Km Range (30 - 40 Miles)
  • Twin 1000 Watt Brushless Motors
  • 10+ Hours Charging Time (5+ Hours with two chargers)
  • Duo Disc Brakes or Hydraulic Front and Back
  • 10" Pneumatic Off-Road Tyres
  • 150 Kg Max Load Capacity
  • Digital LCD Weatherproof Display
  • Foldable for Storage

Nanrobot LS7+ Electric Scooter

Sat at the top of the current Nanrobot range is the Nanrobot LS7+ Electric Scooter. This scooter is not for the faint-hearted. A real serious scooter with a serious price tag. This scooter has a price tag of over £3k so it's for serious scooter players only. Loaded with a pair of 2400-watt motors, you can just imagine how quick this Nanrobot is...

So how quick is it? Well, the Nanrobot LS7+ electric scooter has a top speed of 88+ km/h (55+ Mph). Seriously quick for an electric scooter. Matched with a range of 100 Km, this is an electric vehicle that will give a full weekend of exciting off-road scooting. The charge time is quite long, 12 hours or half a day. Buying an extra LS7+ Charger reduces that to around a more manageable 8ish hours. Still long tho.

Like the upgraded D6+ the LS7+ comes with a duo of hydraulic brakes which considering this scooter fast, is definitely a good thing. Allowing a quick and safe stop. The combination of front and rear suspension make off-roading easier with more comfort and fewer vibrations. Plus a pair of fat-as-hell 11" pneumatic off-road tyres easily absorbs up the bumps and dips of the track.

Again, like the DS6+ and Lightning, you can buy the LS7+ with a removable seat. Making those long journeys much more comfortable.

Key Features:

  • 88+ Km/h Speed (55+ Mph) Max Speed
  • Up to a 100 Km Range (62 Miles)
  • Twin 2400 Watt Brushless Motors
  • 12+ Hours Charging Time (8+ Hours with two chargers)
  • Duo Hydraulic Brakes Front and Back
  • 11" Pneumatic Off-Road Tyres
  • 150 Kg Max Load Capacity
  • Digital LCD Weatherproof Display
  • Foldable for Storage

Nanrobot Accessories

All these electric scooters can be upgraded further along the line with an extra charger, to reduce charge time and seats for those of you that love a more comfortable ride.

Another nice extra that is available is a Nanrobot Front Carry Bag. For bringing your extra charger, spares, whatever along on your ride.

Is the Nanrobot the Electric Scooter You'll Finally Fall in Love with?

Well, they're high-spec, robust, good looking and extremely fun. That does come with a price. The most affordable of them all is the Nanrobot Lightning at around £1299* with the LS7+ being £3199*. It's a small price to pay to get the highest spec e-scooter. If it's something you're going to use a lot then definitely have a look at the Nanrobots. You won't be disappointed.

*Price at time of February 2022

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