Is Inmotion the Future of Electric Personal Transport?

Is Inmotion the Future of Electric Personal Transport?

Inmotion’s motto is to make people happy all over the world with their innovative technology and personal electric transport designs. From the more common electric scooters and electric bikes, right through to the more eccentric and funky electric unicycles. Is Inmotoion onto something and is Inmotion the future of electric personal transport?

Electric Scooter Beginnings

The company Inmotion has its roots in robotic technology and vehicle dynamics. Based in Shenzhen, China and founded in 2012, Inmotion put all its knowledge into the research and development of sensor-controlled vehicles and robot tech. It later shifted its expertise into the evolution of electric vehicles of the short-transportation variety. That's electric scooters, electric bikes, and those crazy electric unicycles to you and me.

Clean, efficient and carbon-low transport is where the world is heading and it seems that Inmotion is one of the pioneers.

The Scooter Co is stocking a range of Inmotion Electric Scooters, Bikes, and Unicycles. We're going to have a brief look at what they have to offer with each line. Are you a serious scooter rider or more of a gentle bike glider? Or are you one of those that like extreme ways of moving around? Then perhaps one of the Inmotion Electric Unicycles are for you?

So let us delve in and have a look at each of Inmotion's types of personal electric transport.

Inmotion Electric Scooters

Back View of the Inmotion L9 Electric Scooter
Electric scooters are everywhere these days. A lot of UK and European cities are trialling electric scooter hire. Like the E-Scooter company Voi for example. They have electric scooter hire trials in UK cities such as Liverpool, Oxford, and Bristol. As well as European cities such as Berlin, Rome, and Oslo. It's a plague of electric goodness! It's data from these trials that legislation for private electric scooters is being put together. As both electric scooters and electric Unicycles are only allowed on private land.

With Inmotion, they do a range of electric scooters from the entry-level Inmotion A1F Electric Scooter to the Inmotion L9 Electric Scooter. The latter is more for the serious scooter riders.

The Inmotion A1F is a great e-scooter for those of you dipping your toe into the electric scooter world. It has enough power and features to give you a smooth and fun scooter experience. Perfect for those of you that love a daily adventure. A top speed of 25 Kp/h plus a decent range of 30 Km before a recharge means that you can have plenty of daily fun.

The Inmotion L9 electric scooter has a bigger battery and motor than the A1F. Rather than a 350-watt motor, it has a whopping 500-watt motor. Allowing you to accelerate quicker and climb steeper hills. The bigger battery delivers a ridiculous range of up to 95 Km. 60 miles in real money. Almost from Liverpool to Manchester and back. Bear in mind, this is if you ride at 30% of the speed and don't exceed the maximum ride weight of 75 kg. But still, 60 miles.

Both these Inmotion Electric scooters will do the scooter business for you, the L9 just does it slightly quicker and longer.

Inmotion Electric Bike

A Woman riding a Inmotion P1F Electric Bike
The Scooter Co stocks the Inmotion P1F Electric Bike. Which is a bit of a hybrid between an electric scooter and an electric bike. With its unusual looks, it really does turn heads. One thing you'll notice is that is has no pedals for er pedalling. It's design and shape does more resemble an electric bike, but the P1F certainly does have slices of electric scooter in it. The seat screams electric bike, where the no-pedal design nods to the electric scooter.

Radical in design with its little rear wheel, the Inmotion P1F Electric Bike is certainly made for functionality. A design that wouldn't look too out of place in London on a morning as you commute to work. If your office is a 20-mile round trip, then this little electric bike from Inmotion is ideal.

It'll fold down in seconds and only weighs 14 Kg, which means jumping on the tube or bus is no problem. Or you could just pick the P1F it up and carry it into your place of work. Its maximum ride weight of 120 Kg means you can carry those all-important files or laptop or giant sandwiches. Whatever you need to get you through your working day.

Brakes. It has two. Front and back. And they're of the disc variety, which means stopping quickly and safely is paramount. It also has a bright LED display and lights for nighttime riding.

One thing I would say about the Inmotion P1F is to keep an eye on your battery. Because if that runs out, you'll be carrying the bike home.

Inmotion Electric Unicycles

Front View of Inmotion Electric Unicycles
Well. Here we are, you and me. And this absolutely crazy piece of personal transport tech. The electric unicycle. A single-wheeled motorized electric transport. They can go quite fast, some have speakers built-in, and there is even one designed for going off-road.

You have to stand up and two footplates. You lean forward to go forward, back to slow down and left and right to turn. Simple. Well, really? I would recommend padding yourself up like the Michelin man when you get one of these. At least for starting out. I reckon once you’ve practised for a few hours, you'll be fine.

The Scooter Co sells four of the models. We have the Inmotion V5F, V8F, V10, and the off-roader V11.

The Inmotion V5F is the entry-level electric unicycle, with a top speed of 25 Kp/h and a maximum range of 35 km, it's nice and light making the perfect entryway into the world of electric unicycles.

The Inmotion V8F and Inmotion V10F electric unicycles both are in the middle. The V8F has a 55 Km range while the V10F is almost double at 95 Km. The V10F also has programmable flashing coloured lights along the side. Meaning you can have your own personal disco as you ride along.

Lastly, we have the Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle which is the off-roader. Shock absorbers, an 18" treaded tyre, a powerful 2200-watt motor, and a silly range of 120 Km means that this one is designed for those extreme adventurer types.

All of them can go faster but are limited to 25 Kph. Which to be honest, is plenty! Would recommend a helmet and pads.

Inmotion Future

So is Inmotion the Future of Electric Personal Transport? With designs and tech coming out of their HQ all the time I'm pretty sure they're up there as one of the frontrunners. I mean they do powered roller skates and even a powered skateboard. I can't wait to see what they have next!

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