AOVO PRO Electric Scooter - 7 Perfect Reasons why you should buy one in 2022

AOVO PRO Electric Scooter - 7 Perfect Reasons why you should buy one in 2022

The AOVO PRO Electric Scooter range is one of the most popular brands of E-Scooter in the UK today. Each one landing with a balance of classic design and modern technology. AOVO PRO scooters offer speed, reliability, and engineering all in one electric scooter package.

From the humble and simple AOVO PRO ES Mini Electric Scooter to the top of the range, full of tech, AOVO PRO ESMAX Scooter. There is an AOVO PRO electric scooter for all of us. They're sold in over 30 countries in the world and are easily recognisable by their modern looks, black finish, and red detailing. Full of premium features and with a solid structure, AOVO PRO are one of the leaders in pioneering e-scooter engineering.


AOVO PRO electric scooters are available in the UK. Here at The Scooter Co, we offer all 6 models of the AOVO PRO electric scooter including spares and accessories.

This includes:

All suited for the different types of riders. Each AOVO PRO scooter offers you something different and unique. You can check all our AOVO PRO electric scooter range out here.

What is an Electric Scooter?

Firstly, let's ask the question. What actually is an e-scooter? Simply, an electric scooter or e-scooter is a foot-propelled scooter that has a motor and battery fitted. Using the power of electricity to drive you along at different speeds. E-Scooters have brakes, different size wheels, some have shock absorbers, and most have lights. Others are compatible with apps which open up extra features. Some of the AOVO PRO scooters are compatible with the AOVO Smart App.

Can you Ride them on the Road?

At the moment, only the hire scheme e-scooters are allowed to ride on the roads. Popular in big cities across the world with companies such as Voi or Lime. You pay per mile to ride an electric scooter through designated areas in each city. Privately owned electric scooters are only allowed to be ridden on private land with permission from the owners. This could change soon, as a lot of countries in Europe such as Germany and France have introduced laws and regulations allowing private e-scooters on the roads.

We look at 7 perfect reasons why you should buy an AOVO PRO Electric Scooter in 2022.

An AOVO PRO for Everyone

Whether you're a seasoned scooter veteran or just a solid beginner. AOVO PRO has an e-scooter model for everyone. Including the younger members of your family.

Starting with the simple AOVO PRO ES Mini Electric Scooter which is ideal for a young newbie or beginner adult. A lightweight frame allows easy transportation adding to a reasonable speed of 25 Km/h and a range of 15 Km. The adjustable handlebars make the AOVO PRO ES Mini ideal for beginner teens and adults alike as you can adjust them to the ideal height.

The popular AOVO PRO M365 ES80 Electric Scooter model is the standard and most popular of the AOVO PRO scooter range. 25 Km/h speed and a 35 Km range, make it perfect for a daily adventure.

At the top of the range, for now, is the AOVO PRO ES MAX E-Scooter. 25 Km speed and a huge 50 km range deliver an e-scooter for the more serious scooter riders out there. Plus, this one has suspension, which gives a much smoother, low-vibration, and controlled ride.

AOVO PRO Solid Build

When you jump on an AOVO PRO electric scooter you'll notice that they are solidly built. Each one is crafted from a strong aluminium alloy frame which delivers a sturdy ride and complete rider control. AOVO PRO's solid build allows superb cornering and instils complete confidence in your daily ride. Journeys have never felt so smooth! With the addition of chunky tyres, the e-scooter ride feels completely controlled. And when you brake, the AOVO PRO will feel ridged as it comes to a stop.

Affordable Riding

With the price of everything rising steeply over the last few months you'd think that getting yourself a decent e-scooter would be off the cards. But actually, AOVO PRO electric scooters are affordably priced. The AOVO PRO ES Mini and AOVO PRO S3 EW4 start from just under £200*. The rest of the range starts from mid £200 up to the top-of-the-range AOVO PRO ES Max which lands at £379*. This means that you can afford an AOVO PRO electric scooter without breaking the bank.

Plus, here at The Scooter Co, you can effortlessly split the total cost into three equal payments. Thanks to finance options such as Klarna. You can find out more about Klarna here.

Safe and Secure

Safety. It's extremely important when it comes to electric scooters. Sticking to the path, cornering, speed, stopping, seeing and being seen are all principal features when it comes to safe scooter riding. As well as solid construction and tough aluminium alloy frames, the AOVO PRO electric scooter range also comes loaded with a ton of safety features.

All e-scooters arrive with brakes. Whether it's a combo of electric front and rear manual brake you'd find on the AOVO PRO S3 EW4 Electric Scooter to a front electric and rear disc brake on the ES Max. All AOVO PRO electric scooters come with them. Allowing a safe and secure stop when you need to.

Most AOVO PRO electric scooters are fitted with chunky tyres. Each one is designed to grip the path, make cornering easy when pulling those tight turns, and stay firm when you come to a stop. As well as gripping to the road, the larger tyres take the bumps and grooves adding to better ride comfort.

For lovers of nighttime riding, all of the AOVO PRO have some form of lighting and reflective material fitted. Allowing you to see and be seen when the sun goes down!

Spares and Accessories

Like everything in life, things wear out. It's the same with e-scooter parts. You can easily grab yourself a new AOVO PRO electric scooter tyre or a replacement charger from The Scooter Co. Plus, you can also get accessories to make your e-scooter life even better. From a simple mobile phone holder to a carry handle, helmet or a lock.

You can get a range of AOVO PRO spares and accessories for your AOVO PRO electric scooter at The Scooter Co. Just check out our parts and accessories page!

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Love the planet? Then you'll love the electric scooter. All e-scooters including AOVO PRO electric scooters are pretty green. They're eco-friendly and you can ride them about knowing full well you're not pumping toxic fumes into the atmosphere. And If you charge at home and your home uses renewable energy resources. Even better!

Daily Adventuring

As well as being a practical form of electric transport, AOVO PRO E-scooters are fun. You can have a daily adventure on an AOVO PRO e-scooter, the perfect way to get from A to B in style. And having several models and price points in the range, you'll definitely find an AOVO PRO electric scooter that suits your lifestyle!

*Prices are as of April 2022

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