Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro Mainboard Top View
Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro Mainboard

Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro Mainboard

Κανονική τιμή£69.99
Συμπεριλαμβανομένου του φόρου. Η αποστολή υπολογίζεται στο ταμείο.

  • Free worldwide delivery in 3 to 7 Workdays by DPD
  • Charger, Manual and Tools Included
  • 5 minute easy setup
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Φροντίδα μετά την πώληση από Δευτέρα έως Παρασκευή
  • Σε απόθεμα, έτοιμο για αποστολή
  • Απογραφή καθ' οδόν

The Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro Mainboard is a replacement ECU for your Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro Electric Scooter.

Designed and crafted from high-quality materials, this is a direct replacement for the Mi M365 Pro Mainboard in your Xiaomi Electric Scooter.

You may need some tools to replace the ECU.

Φορτιστής, Εγχειρίδιο και Εργαλεία

Δωρεάν παράδοση σε όλο τον κόσμο σε 5 έως 7 ημέρες από την DPD

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Σχετικά με το εμπορικό σήμα σας

Συνδυάστε μεγάλο κείμενο με μια εικόνα για να πείτε μια ιστορία, να εξηγήσετε μια λεπτομέρεια για το προϊόν σας ή να περιγράψετε μια νέα προώθηση.

The Scooter Co
Σχετικά με το εμπορικό σήμα σας

Συνδυάστε μεγάλο κείμενο με μια εικόνα για να πείτε μια ιστορία, να εξηγήσετε μια λεπτομέρεια για το προϊόν σας ή να περιγράψετε μια νέα προώθηση.

The Scooter Co
Electric Fun

The B10 Proxi comes fitted with a powerful rear-wheel 250-watt brushless motor. Being brushless allows the motor to wear less and work more efficiently. This pulls it up to a top speed of 25 Km/h. Landing with three speed modes, allows you to bring the C12 ROAM to lower speeds. Ideal for more control in different environments and situations.

The Scooter Co
Quality Design

Finished in a classic Black finish, this e-scooter stands out in the crowd. The frame is crafted from Aircraft-grade Chromoly 4130 with an aluminium battery casing. This material combination produces a lightweight yet tough exterior. Ideal for whatever journey you take with the scooter.

The C12 ROAM electric scooter deck is constructed from a hard-wearing large 7-ply maple deck. Not only bringing strength throughout the frame, but it also gives you a cool looking urban skate-style to the overall character of the e-scooter.

The maximum carry weight is 100 Kg so is perfect for carrying your extra gear.

The C12 ROAM Electric Scooter lands with a pair of treaded 10" pneumatic tyres surrounding three-spoke Magnesium alloy cast wheels fitted with Japanese seal bearings. These chunky 10" tyres gives you a smooth ride matched with the low-vibration journey.

The Scooter Co
Safe Riding

Landing with a pair of Tektro mechanical disc brakes front and back, the C12 ROAM Black will come to a safe and secure stop. Whatever the conditions.

Front and rear ultra-bright LED lights to make sure that if you're a nighttime rider, you're safe and illuminated. To see and be seen.

The C12 ROAM folds down quickly and simply, ideal for storage. And can be carried with ease thanks to its light 16 Kg weight.

8TEV B10 Display
The Scooter Co
Clear Display

The C12 ROAM lands with a bright and clear multi-functional LCD display. Showing all the ride data you'll ever need. Speed, battery, ride distance, and more.

The Scooter Co
Modern Retro

With its maple deck, the C12 ROAM in Black offers a retro-styled electric scooter that appeals to those of you that love skateboard style and vintage visuals.

Add the modern scooter engineering and you'll get an amazing looking electric scooter that delivers on the scooter ride, comfort, and handling.

8TEV Scooter Back Mudguard
8TEV Scooters next to the beach
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Type: Adult Electric Scooter
Max Speed: 25 Km/h
Speed Modes: 3 Different Speed Modes
Max Range per Charge: Up to a 22 Km Range (13 Miles) (Depends on conditions, riding speed, rider weight etc)
Battery: 48V, 7.6Ah
Max Load:
100 Kg
Motor Power: 250 Watts
Tyres: 10" Pneumatic Tyres
Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes Front and Back
Charging Time: 6 Hours
Product Weight: 18 Kg
Unfolded Size (L x W x H): 1040 x 230 x 1200 mm
Folded Size (L x W x H): 1040 x 230 x 565 mm
Colour: Black

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