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      Απρίλια. Η μάρκα μοτοσυκλετών στρέφει τώρα την προσοχή της στον κόσμο του ηλεκτρικού σκούτερ. Η Aprilia φέρνει την τεχνογνωσία της στις μοτοσυκλέτες για να παράγει ηλεκτρονικά σκούτερ παγκόσμιας κλάσης.

      Παράγοντας τρία μοντέλα στη σειρά Aprilia, The Scooter Co προσφέρει την αφρόκρεμα Ηλεκτρονικό σκούτερ Aprilia eSR2 EVO. Η κορυφαία τεχνολογία e-scooter συναντά το πνεύμα της Aprilia. Το ηλεκτρικό σκούτερ Aprilia διαθέτει 24 μήνες εγγύηση. Επιλογές πληρωμής στο e-scooter Aprilia είναι επίσης διαθέσιμες.
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      Aprilia started life just after World War II in Noale, Italy producing firstly bicycles, then on to motorbikes and scooters. Aprilia then firmly put its stamp on the motorbike and motocross world producing racing and scrambler bikes.

      Moving to the present day, Aprilia now produces a range of e-scooters through the Italian tech firm MT Distribution. Bringing exciting models to the market like the Aprilia eSR2 EVO e-scooter. A super slick Italian designed electric scooter, loaded with modern tech and purposeful e-scooter features.


      At The Scooter Co, we offer the top of the range Aprilia eSR2 EVO e-scooter.

      An adult electric scooter is a motorised scooter that has a motor and battery that glides you along. They generally have brakes, chunky tyres, LED lighting, sophisticated hardware, and dedicated apps. Some have suspension, Bluetooth, and seats!

      Yes. They're pretty green and don’t release any emissions into the atmosphere.

      No. Currently, you are not allowed to ride privately owned electric scooters in public areas or on roads in the UK. You can only ride electric scooters on private land with permission from the owner.
      A lot of the countries in Europe such as Germany, France, Poland, and Spain do have rules and regulations that allow you to ride on public roads, public spaces, and bike lanes.