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      Here at The Scooter Co we live and breathe electric scooters.
      We offer a huge range of electric scooter brands including AOVO, Ducati, Lamborghini, Inmotion, Nanrobot, Xiaomi, and many more. All with a 24-month warranty plus Finance options are available.
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      Electric Scooters

      The first electric scooter arrived in the early 2000s and they have been growing in popularity ever since. In the last few years, many cities across the world have introduced electric scooter hire schemes. Including the UK. The schemes are proving to be a hit with the general public which has accelerated the demand for privately owned electric scooters.


      An electric scooter is a motorised scooter that has a motor and battery that'll propel you along without any physical movement. They generally have brakes, chunky tyres, LED lighting, sophisticated hardware, and dedicated apps.

      Several big motor brands like Lamborghini, Ducati, Jeep and Aprilia have brought their own versions of electric scooters out thanks to their popularity of them. There are also pure electric scooter brands like 8TEV, AOVO, Argento, Inmotion, Nanrobot, Unagi, and Xiaomi which have designed and engineered electric scooters.

      Yes. They're low-carbon and don’t pump any emissions into the air. The manufacturing processes are getting more green by using renewable resources. Such as the 8TEV models with their Maple wood decks.

      Currently, privately owned electric scooters are not allowed to be ridden in public areas or roads in the UK. You can only ride them on private land with permission from the owner.
      A lot of the countries in Europe such as Germany, France, Poland, and Spain do have rules and regulations that allow you to ride on public roads, public spaces, and bike lanes.