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      At The Scooter Co, We love a bicycle. Especially ones that are powered if you know what I mean. We have an ever-growing range of electric bikes to fit your needs. So check out our stock today!

      The electric bike brands we currently stock are Ducati, Argento, Fiido, Inmotion, and Onebot. All arriving with a 24-Month warranty. Plus ease the cost with our Finance options.
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      Whether it's the traditional styled Argento Omega Electric Bike, the urban looking Ducati MG-20 electric bike, or the compact Inmotion P1F electric bike, we stock an electric bike for everyone!

      We'll also help you on your journey and give you the best advice for your electric bike purchase.


      An electric bike is a bicycle that has a motor and a battery fitted. Electric bikes can usually be fully pedalled, pedal-assisted, or fully powered. Making them a great form of everyday personal transport.

      We currently stock Ducati, Argento, Fiido, Inmotion, and Onebot. We're constantly expanding our range and adding more brands and models every week.

      Yes, they are. They're green when being pedalled and they're green when they're being powered.

      Yes. Just like regular bicycles, electric bikes are legal to ride on the UK's roads and cycle lanes.