Will Inmotion Electric Scooters make you Happy?

Will Inmotion Electric Scooters make you Happy?

The Chinese brand’s motto is to make people all over the world happy by bringing their technology to all four corners. We check out a couple of their e-scooter models and find out if Inmotion Electric Scooters make you Happy?

Inmotion Tech Roots

Inmotion was founded by experts in robotics and vehicle dynamics. Launched in 2012, with its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, Inmotion concentrated on the research and development of robots and sensor-controlled vehicles with a passion for the evolution of short-distance transportation products.

Inmotion’s ethos is to become the world leader in self-balancing electric personal transport making all our travel lives better. They want to bring happiness to everyone's world with their innovative technology. Starting with a self-balancing electric scooter for every household. Bold statement right?

At The Scooter Co, we've started to do a range of Inmotion products: Electric scooters, electric bikes, and electric unicycles.

We're going to look at two of the Inmotion electric scooters. The Inmotion A1F and the Inmotion L9. Both arriving full of the latest scooter tech. The A1F is an entry-level model whereas the L9 is more for serious scooter riders.

Inmotion A1F Electric Scooter

Front Angled View of Inmotion A1F Electric Scooter

Simply designed, the Inmotion A1F Electric Scooter lands with sleek and stylish looks. A top speed of 25 Kp/h propels it along with ease and grace. Travelling from A to B has never been more fun!

Key Features:

  • 25 Km/h Speed (15.5 Mph) for Quick Journeys
  • Up to a 30 Km (18 Miles) Range
  • 280.8Wh Battery
  • Foldable for Storage
  • Electric Brakes and Disc Brakes for Safe Stopping
  • Chunky 8" Tyres for Ride Comfort
  • Sleek and Stylish Black Finish
  • Inmotion App Compatible

Quick and Smooth

So, let's look at all the features starting with the speed. Which is 25 Kp/h. All electric scooters brought into the UK are regulated to 25 Kp/h, so that's standard. Having several speed modes makes life easier when you need to take things easy. Whether it's obstacles such as trees, walls, other scooters, you can fully control the A1F at lower speeds.

It accelerates pretty smoothly and thanks to its powerful 350-watt motor it can fly up an 18% hill with ease.

A range of 30 Km is not to be scoffed at. That's just over 18 miles in old money. Which, unless you're doing serious travelling, is perfect for a daily ride.

It can take a maximum ride weight of 90 Kg. Which allows extra gear to be taken with such as a backpack full of food, another Inmotion Electric Scooter, or possibly a spare set of clothes?

To fully charge the Inmotion A1F it takes around 4 - 5 hours. Basically, overnight, ready for the next day.

Solid Scooter Design

Design with a solid frame, the Inmotion A1F feels sturdy in the ride and the black finish looks as sleek as ever. Lit, you could say.

Landing with a pair of 8" tyres, they grip the road like glue. Giving you a cupful of confidence when it comes to cornering. It has a pneumatic front tyre where the motor is giving power and a solid back tyre. This combination gives you a smooth smooth ride and a decent ride balance.

Fully Safe Riding Experience

All electric scooters need to stop safely. I imagine that the Inmotion boffins put a lot of emphasis on safety. The A1F features both a front and rear brake working in unison so that when you do need to come to a quick stop, you don't skid and lose control.

For nighttime riders the A1F has a bright front and rear light, illuminating your way and letting other folks around you that you are there. If you do decide to ride at night please, be safe and get yourself some reflective gear such as a jacket or gilet.

For checking on your speed, distance or battery charge, the Inmotion A1F e-scooter has a bright LED display. Perfect for your daily adventure. What's more, the A1F is compatible with the Inmotion App, which opens up further electric scooter options.

The A1F e-scooter folds down with ease and weighs only 14 Kg, allowing easy transportation.

The A1F Verdict

It is good. Yes, it is and landing at the £349 price mark* means it's really affordable. Loaded with plenty of features, there is enough here to keep you happy. The Inmotion team have got a fully tech loaded electric scooter at a reasonable price. Well done to those people.

Inmotion L9 Electric Scooter

Front Angled View of Inmotion L9 Electric Scooter

At the other end of the scooter scale, is the Inmotion L9 Electric scooter. Like the A1F, it's eco-friendly and lands with everything for your daily expedition. More for the serious scooter enthusiast than the beginner rider.

Key Features:

  • 25 Km/h Speed (15.5 Mph) for Quick Journeys
  • Up to a Massive 95 Km (60 Miles) Range*
  • 675Wh Battery for longer journies
  • Foldable for Storage
  • Dual Shock Absorbers for a Smooth Ride
  • Electric Brakes and Disc Brakes for Safe Stopping
  • Chunky 10" Wheels for Ride Comfort
  • Sleek and Stylish Black Finish
  • Inmotion App compatible

Quick and Smooth

The Inmotion L9 has a bigger motor than the A1F. A full 500-watts of electric power! Which means it accelerates quicker. The speed is still 25 Kp/h but can handle hills up to 30%. Which is pretty steep.

The Inmotion L9 lands with three speed modes, allowing you to adjust the speed for your surroundings. Whether it's folk or walls, make sure you do ride safely.

One of the top features of the L9 Electric Scooter is its massive 95 km range! Yep, you heard that right, in the right conditions, this scooter can go up to 95 Km on a single charge. The factors that allow this are: a full charge, at 30% Speed, 75 Kg Payload, and smooth straight surface.

Ok, that takes a bit of impressiveness away, but still, it's pretty massive.

The top feature on this Inmotion L9 Electric Scooter has to be the massive 95 km range! Allowing you to go and go on your daily adventures on a single charge!

A normal charge on the L9 takes 7.2 hours which is pretty long. However, those clever folk at Inmotion HQ have gotten around this by having dual chargers which means you can charge it fully in just under 4 hours! Now that's innovation.

Solid Scooter Design

It's looks and visuals will certainly turn heads. Solid frame weighing a total of 24 Kg which makes it one of the heavier scooters around. It can carry a total ride weight of 140 Kg which means you can definitely carry another electric scooter along.

The L9 offers a super smooth ride, thanks to a pair of 10" tubeless pneumatic tyres and a duo of front and back shock absorbers.

An extra-wide deck means that you'll have plenty of space to get comfortable. It's also grippy so you won't be slipping all over as you ride into the sunset.

Fully Safe Riding Experience

The Inmotion L9 Electric Scooter features a pair of front and rear brakes which brings the L9 to a straight and safe stop without any skidding.

For dusk till dawn riders, the L9 arrives with an ultra-bright front light. Not only that. it has a pair of side indicators which just adds greatness to the L9's safety features. A rear brake light allows your followers to know when you are stopping.

A bright LED display gives you all the data you need for your riding adventure allowing you to switch between Km/h or Mph and displays your remaining battery charge.

The L9 Verdict

It's more than double the price of the L9 coming in at a cool £749*. But is it worth the extra cash for the extra features? Hell yes. It's one for the more serious scooter rider, who will get the most benefit from all the extra features. It's the details that make the L9 special. That double charge, the massive 95Km range, shock absorbers, and the 10" tyres to name a few. One for tech scooter heads.

If you get either of these Inmotion electric scooters you certainly will be happier. And certainly quicker!

* Pricing as of April 2022

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