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Електрически скутери за възрастни


      Скутерът Co е място номер едно за всички нужди на вашия електрически скутер за възрастни.

      Кетъринг за всеки, нашата гама електрически скутери за възрастни включва 8TEV, AOVO, Aprilia, Ducati, Lamborghini, Inmotion, Jeep, Nanrobot, Unagi, Xiaomi и много други. Всеки има 24-месечна гаранция и може да бъде закупен с една от нашите Финансови опции.

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      Adult Scooters

      Electric scooters for Adults are becoming incredibly popular thanks to top motor brands like Lamborghini, Ducati, Jeep, and Aprilia throwing their hats in the ring. People are recognising these as reliable and exciting brands, instilling confidence in investing in the adult electric scooter market.


      An adult electric scooter is a motorised scooter that has a motor and battery that glides you along. Designed for adults and older teens, they generally have brakes, chunky tyres, LED lighting, sophisticated hardware, and dedicated apps. Some have suspension, Bluetooth, and seats!

      There are popular adult electric scooter brands like 8TEV, AOVO, Decent, Kugoo, Nanrobot, Xiaomi and more. Plus well-known motor brands such as Lamborghini, Ducati, Jeep and Aprilia are getting involved in the green electric revolution.

      Yes. They're pretty green and don’t release any emissions into the atmosphere. Using renewable resources and materials would further increase their carbon footprint!

      Currently, privately owned adult electric scooters are not allowed to be ridden in public areas or roads in the UK. You can only ride them on private land with permission from the owner.
      A lot of the countries in Europe such as Germany, France, Poland, and Spain do have rules and regulations that allow you to ride on public roads, public spaces, and bike lanes.